Every great design begins with an even better story...

Deeply inspired by nature and its raw beauty, Katie g. Jewellery celebrates the allure of imperfection. As opposed to classical jewellery which seeks symmetry, precision and flawlessness Katie g. takes another direction. In nature, nothing is absolutely perfect, nothing is 100%, nothing is exact, yet nature provides us with the most honest beauty imaginable. This fascination lies at the core of Katie’s work.

Raised in Cornwall, England, Katie spent her childhood climbing the jagged cliffs of the coastal shorelines and chasing hermit crabs on pristine beaches shaped by the rough seas. Memories which still inspire her to this day. Katie then moved to Vienna, Austria, where her journey continued and her love for jewellery design flourished. Katie learned her technical skills at the Goldschmiedeakademie - Wien (Gold Smith Academy - Vienna ). In her studies a lot of focus was put on executing every cut, every mould every measurement with immaculate precision. A concept which Katie soon rebelled against, ultimately defining her unique style.

Katie continued her studies at the renowned Alchimia Scuola di Gioielleria Contemporanea in Florence where she truly pushed the boundaries of her creativity. In strong contrast to her previous, formal education, the Alchimia encouraged her to explore new, organic shapes contributing to her fascination with the irregular.

Katie g. Jewellery encapsulates this guiding theme of captivating irregularity in a broad array of pieces; from carefully coordinated ring designs that invite the wearer to stack and combine their pieces on all fingers to sumptuous necklaces made of precious metals and delicate fabrics, to the one and only Ring Casing © which revives the beauty of old rings to reveal their many facets and so much more. All pieces are hand made and are supposed to look that way. It is the little imperfections that give each piece its unique character, its unique charm. If you find one cherish it, there is only one like it!

Katie’s pieces live and grow with you. The unique patinas of many of Katie’s pieces accompany you on your journey, ever changing, reflecting your lifestyle in the way they transform. Over time every piece becomes as individual as the wearer them self, growing with you as you live your story. 





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